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Tire Change Service

You have at your disposal to choose among various companies for flat tire replacement roadside service, but we think Local Towing Pros is a better choice for local families, single moms, students, working professionals and especially seniors. We put a premium protecting your time and personal safety.

When you’ve got a flat tire, and need a tire change, Local Towing Pros is here to assist you 24-hour tire roadside assistance.

Whether you’ve got a flat, a blown-out tire, a hole or wear and tear in the sidewall, requiring emergency roadside assistance to change your vehicle’s tire, our qualified service experts will change your tire and get you back on the road fast. Let us restore your vehicle to a great working condition so you can get back on your way!

Fast & Dependable Roadside Tire Change Service

Don’t be concerned about calling around town to find a company to change your flat tire, let us find you the right service expert who can take care of a flat tire change for you fast and easily.

Local Towing Pros is:

  • Reliable – We have many tow truck partners we work with and we can connect you to our dispatch hotline help 24/7.
  • Transparent – Unlike typical tow services, Local Towing Pros aims for fairness and integrity in everything we do. Our one-of-a-kind straightforward pricing model shows you exactly how much any services will cost with a guaranteed not to surpass rate quote.
  • Fast – Our services are at least 50 percent faster than many auto-club services. We won’t keep you waiting on the line with customer service reps when you are in need of a roadside tire change.
  • Affordable – Local Towing Pros takes pleasure on providing fair, fast and inexpensive services in San Diego.
  • All Over – We can protect you wherever you are locally in San Diego. Just call us at 949-444=5773 and we will dispatch fast one of our expert technicians to your location.

Tips About Flat Tire Change

Since tires aren’t made to last forever, you’re most likely to experience a blown-out tire from time to time while you are driving in the middle of your day. Consequently, you will need a flat tire change. Sometimes brand-new tires will go out as well because of an unexpected obstacle on the road you could not dodge!

Not to worry though, with an adequate spare tire, a cross lug wrench, and a car jack, you can most likely fast enough change a flat tire on your own and get back on the road. However, when you’re unprepared, or just not comfortable doing the work yourself on the side of the road, Local Towing Pros is ready to give you the service you need. We can be there quickly and perform the flat tire change service replacement you need to get you back on your way.

Remember these tips as they can help you expedite a flat tire change yourself:

  • Make sure you have a good and adequate spare tire, otherwise you won’t be able to replace a flat tire. The only option will be to tow your vehicle to a tire shop
  • When you have custom rims, make sure that you have the lock key to remove them off, otherwise you won’t be able to change a flat tire on the roadside
  • Never put yourself in danger out in the open traffic. This is especially the case when you’re on the side of the freeway. Let an experienced roadside expert professional change a flat tire for you
  • Before you start replacing the flat tire, always remember to put your Hazard Lights on. This is an alert for other motorists to let them now that your vehicle is not operable

Determine The Tire Damage

Definitely, your tire wouldn't all of a sudden get flat unless it was damaged. Depending on the type of damage, some are not repairable for safety reasons. If the tire exploded while you were driving, it is very likely the tire was left with several portions of the tire in shreds, your only choice would be to get a new tire. On the other hand, if the rupture is on the tire sidewall, the tire must be replaced. Any reputable tire repair service shop will not repair that kind of damage because the tire structural condition has been permanently damaged. The most common damage tires suffer are punctures on the tread area due to nails or screws. However, when the tire puncture is larger than 1/4 inch, it is recommended to be repaired.

Call us today for a free estimate!

Call us today for a free estimate!

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