August 2, 2017
Light and Medium Duty Towing  San Diego
August 8, 2017

Car Towing San Diego

No matter what kind of car you have, even the best and most reliable car will break down due to normal wear and tear. When your car fails, it most likely won't happen at a convenient time and place near a familiar location and or under favorable situations. When a tire blows-up, the engine overheats and dies, there's a traffic pileup - and that’s when you only have a few minutes before you can call your preferred Local Towing Pros service, it's towing time.

To begin with, car towing is not something you should try without appropriate experience, tools and equipment – this is especially when valuable cars are affected. Inappropriate car towing can result in a lot of material vehicle and property damage as well as personal injury.

When towing experts are specifically trained for their jobs, they not only have years of experience and know how to make appropriate use of the equipment specifically for such work, but most importantly, they will know the best way to handle every situation safety and avoid accidents. Another skill they need to have is to be experienced auto mechanics who can handle fast repairs like the need for jump-starts and on-the-go repairs at a moment’s notice.

In conclusion, it is worth the extra expense to employ professional services from a reputable towing company when it comes to having one's car towed away. In order to tackle this job, it takes much more than simply being willing, but a do-or-die mindset.

Emergency Towing Services We Offer:

  • Relocate vehicle when it poses a threat to traffic
  • Remove vehicle involved in some kind of criminal activity
  • Found stolen vehicle and need to be moved to a safer place
  • Move vehicle when injured motorist can’t drive safely

Main Services Our Towing Company Offers:

  • Relocate light and heavy automobiles including all kind of objects
  • Provide on-the-road repairs: tire change, like jump start, lockout, etc.
  • Rescue damaged vehicles
  • Help police departments relocate vehicles
  • Street or Freeway auto scrap removal
  • Boost restore your vehicle back on the road quickly


Roadside Assistance Services We Offer:

  • Car towing service up to 15 miles
  • Hoist ditch removal service
  • Fuel delivery when your tank is empty
  • Jump start your dead battery
  • Keys lockout service: lose ignition key, you break key in the ignition, door or trunk
  • Replace flat tire with spare tire

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Related Car Towing Services we offer:

  • Flatbed Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing
  • Tire Change
  • Fuel Delivery
  • Jump Starts
  • Lockout Services

Locations we serve:

San Diego, National City, Chula Vista, Bonita, La Presa, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, La Mesa, El Cajon, Winter Gardens CA, Bostonia, Lakeside, Santee, La Jolla, Poway, Escondido, Encinitas, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Imperial Beach, Otay Ranch, Mira Mesa, Ramona