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How quickly will the car locksmith reach at my location?

When you are in need of a car lockout service, Local Towing Pros is there at the time you need it. Our mobile locksmith service can arrive at your location within 15 to 30 minutes. Our fast service will depend on several factors, like how busy are our expert technicians with other clients at the time of your call, the location where the technicians are servicing other customers when you call us for service, how far you are located at, how much traffic there is on the road, etc. However, you don’t need to worry about it, because we are committed to provide you with great service to your satisfaction no matter what. You can rest assure that our technicians will arrive as soon as they are able. We will inform you right away of the approximate time of arrival before you fully engage to our service.

How long will it typically take to unlock the car door?

A typical car lockout takes roughly 5 to 10 minutes to rectify. Once we correct your agony, you will be back comfortably in your car and on your way. If your car has a more complicated security system than most common vehicles, then the time required to gain access to your vehicle will depend on how difficult is to disarm your security system before we can attempt to open your car. Despite this difficulty, our expert locksmiths will get entry in your car as fast as possible without causing harm to your vehicle.

Will your vehicle get damaged in the process of unlocking the car door?

Not at all. Our expert locksmiths will make a meticulous effort to assure that your car lockout results in unnecessary harm. Having said that, there are extremely rare cases where some cars with a deadlock characteristic combined with keys left in the trunk, may require physical drilling on the trunk body behind the license plate so we can gain entry to your trunk and get the car keys. However, we will cover this hole by putting your license plate over it and securing it with screws. We completely understand that your car is very valuable to you, this is the very reason we always do our absolute effort to ensure that all vehicles under our responsibility are preserved from harm.

What is the standard cost to for a car lockout?

The typical car lockout service starts at $30 dollars. We will notify you if the price needs to be higher based on several factors that depend on the car make and model. It all comes down to the hardship of the lockout both in terms of the expertise and time needed to correct the problem. Local Towing Pros is committed to offer high-quality service at competitive rates. We understand that a car lockout can be quite nerve-racking, so our company is devoted to take that stress away with a fair price.

I can’t unlock my car door, what should I do?

First, we suggest that you keep calm. Make sure you are not on the way of traffic standing around the car that is putting you at risk. Glance around and evaluate whether you are blocking traffic or at risk getting struck by a moving car. Parking lot areas are not safe to be walking around your car. It’s best to stay close to your car until an expert help arrives. Be sure you make eye contact with the driver of a car that is coming near you. You must make sure the car driver sees you are stranded waiting for help to arrive.

Should I attempt to open my deadlocked car?

No if you don’t have the skills and you have never attempted to do it. There are several vehicle models with a whole array of deadlock types. Most frequently Land Rover, BMWs, and high-end Ford models have some kind of deadlock function. These vehicles have dealership industry standards. Therefore, they only require the expert knowledge of the bypass system and the dexterity needed to achieve a successful result. If for any reason you have installed a non-standard deadlock system on your high-end vehicle, our expert locksmiths will still have enough wisdom to troubleshoot the issue and get you back into your vehicle.

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